My name is Mike Russell, a Toronto-based singer-songwriter. I produce tunes on my own and also with my band, Borderline. Please explore the website and download some music - free of charge

"The Singalong" by M. Russell

Mike Russell at an early age realized that the hardest place for anyone to find is where they belong. That insight was followed by the revelation that the likelihood of him ever doing anything completely right was pretty slim and began to make plans as to when exactly to throw in the towel. But a ghost came to him in the dark hours and sang to him melodious things, and a magic lantern shone kindly before his eyes and mysticized him. Its light whistled to him all night long its most precious memories and closely guarded secrets. He entered guitarland on a tinny trebly wave, that emerged from the pit of invisible nights and by the miracle of music cemented itself to his very being. He ate a purple apple turnover chased by a turkey dinner and fell asleep only to have dreams of delusions of grandeur. He awoke to a distant buoy ringing across the waters of tempestuous memory, painting in his ears a map, eventually sending him stumbling across the borderline of the now.

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